The Solar Spectral Irradiance was computed by the Solar Radiation Physical Modeling system over the last Solar Cycle (SC23), and is used for investigating its effects on the Earth system through a set of transient simulations (1955-2005) using the Community Earth System Model CESM1.0.3/WACCM




nocorr run considers Solar Spectral Irradiance as computed by SRPM (Fontenla et al. 2011, JGR) for the last solar cycle based purely in solar images from Meudon (1997-2001) and Rome (2001-2009) observatories. These observations only cover Solar Cycle 23, and for earlier cycles identical behavior is assumed except for the timing that was stretched/compressed in each cycle to match the observed sunspot minima. (It does not strictly match the observed TSI.) This run was completed and is in the results analysis stage.


const run assumes the SSI is constant at the 1997 values. Apart from the SSI this run is identical to the others and provides a baseline for the absence of solar forcing. This run was completed and has not yet entered the results analysis stage.


corr run considers a correction to the nocorr SSI in which the Total Solar Irradiance is used to determine an absolute intensity level of the solar images in the Ca II K line. This intensity level affects somewhat the relative areas of the network features and thereby the SSI absolute level and wavelength-dependence. While these changes do not affect the basic solar-cycle behavior, they affect the values in such way that the observed Total Solar Irradiance is now matched for the Solar Cycle 23. This run was completed and results will be posted.

Results: Document.

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