Solar Radiation Physical Modeling (SRPM)

Supported by: J.M. Fontenla
First Version: 2011/2/20
Current Version: 2011/8/17

  The SRPM system includes a set of tools and data for the one-dimensional modeling of the production of solar radiation.
 The following links point to the model atmospheres data in simple ASCII text format, these can be clicked on or directly saved as text files. The columns are mostly self-explanatory and for more information contact johnf at

Atmospheric features
Model 1000 (A)
Model 1001 (B)
Model 1002 (D)
Model 1003 (F)
Model 1004 (H)
Model 1005 (P)
Model 1006 (S)
Model 1007 (R)
Model 1008 (Q)
Model 1010 (CA)
Model 1011 (CB)
Model 1012 (CD)
Model 1013 (CF)
Model 1014 (CH)
Model 1015 (CP)
Model 1018 (CQ)