Solar Radiation Physical Modeling (SRPM)

Supported by: J.M. Fontenla
First Version: 2001/2/2
Current Version: 2009/4/12

  The SRPM system includes a set of tools and data for the one-dimensional modeling of the production of solar radiation.
 The following links point to the model atmospheres data in simple ASCII text format:

Code (current model index) - Description

B (1001) - Quiet-Sun inter-network
D (1002) - Quiet-Sun network lane
F (1003) - Enhanced network
H (1004) - Plage (that is not facula)
P (1005) - Facula
S (1006) - Sunspot umbra
R (1007) - Sunspot penumbra
Q (1008) - Bright Facula